GROWEASY Seed Planting Bags made from non woven fabric x 200


Groweasy 200 x biodegradable planting bags | For Seeds and Cuttings | Plant Starter Bags | Non woven Fabric | Easy and Economical | 10cm x 8cm

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Seed planting bags are super easy to use – Just fold over the top of the bag to the required height and fill with compost of your choice.  Pop them into a watertight container (recycled food packaging is great for this), add water then add your seeds!

Great for plant roots – The bags allow the roots to grow through without damaging them so you can watch them grow and actually see when your plants need potting up!  The bags allow moisture and nutrients to easily reach your seedlings, promoting strong and rapid growth. Plus there is no need to remove the bag when you do pot up or plant out.  The bag will simply biodegrade into the soil with no root disturbance

Versatile – You can use them for seeds and cuttings, indoors, outdoors, greenhouse, garden & hydroponics.  Plus you can vary the height of the bags so they are excellent for sweet peas that need a longer root run and tomato seedlings that will grow roots from the stem if you then raise the bag height and add more compost.

Economical – Fabric planting bags are considerably cheaper than biodegradable paper pots.  If you plant a lot of seeds or take cuttings, these bags will definitely help your pocket.  Not only with cost of purchase but the survival rate of the plants is also high due to the air pruning effect.  Ultimately the bags are extremely good for both you and your plants.

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These seed planting bags are made from non woven fabric to keep the growing media contained in its own little pot!

They are super easy to use – just fill with compost (a teaspoon is ideal to help with this), add water and pop in your seeds or cuttings!  You can adapt the height of the planting bag to suit different plants needs.  They are especially good for sweet peas and plants that need a longer root run.

You can use them for seeds and cuttings.  For big seeds such as peas, put a single seed in each bag.  Smaller seeds such as lobelia can be added as a small pinch.  When taking cuttings,  use a pencil or dibber to make a small hole in the top of the soil and insert your cutting.

Once your plants are growing strong and are ready to pot on or plant out,  you can just pop your plant, bag and all, into its new home.  No damage to roots and no transplant shock.  Plus the planting bag will eventually biodegrade into the soil.


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