Peat Free Compost – 10 Litres Coco Coir


e-pots 10 litre coco coir in plastic free packaging | 100% natural organic coconut fibre growing media | easy and convenient to use compressed soil discs

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Peat Free Compost – Our coconut coir discs are the ultimate in convenience for the gardener. The correct amount of potting soil can be made as required. No need to cut up a larger coir brick offered by other companies.  Each coco soil disk has a volume of approx 1000ml of peat free compost.  This is enough to fill up to 3 x 8cm (3”) pots or 10 homemade paper pots made using the e-pots Classic Paper Pot Maker. The coconut potting soil is super lightweight at less than 900g for the whole 10L.  That’s less than a big bag of sugar!  So no more backbreaking trips to buy large bags of traditional moss peat compost. Plus it is delivered direct to your door and its plastic free!