Paper Pot Maker | Classic Eco Gardening Tool to Make Seed Pots


e-pots Paper Plant Pot Maker In plastic free packaging to reduce garden plastic use. The fun simple way to create fully biodegradable pots from newspaper and scrap paper. Great Gift for Gardeners


Are you a hobby gardener? Love to plant seeds and grow different cute plants in your garden? Care for the planet? Well, we have got something for you as our Classic Paper Pot Maker is just the thing to start your seeds off. In addition, the tool is plastic free so you can reduce your garden plastic use!

Get this super easy to use tool by e-pots and your seedlings will grow well and healthy whilst preserving the environment. It’s a fun and rewarding process that feels amazing and in addition, results in compostable pots that will biodegrade much faster than the harmful plastic pots.

Firstly just make pots using scrap paper, secondly add your seeds or plugs and thirdly enjoy without harming the environment. Plus, the premium seedling plant pot maker is made of durable wood and so our tool has no sharp edges being nicely curved and professionally finished so it’s extremely enjoyable to make pots without getting tired.

Presented in a beautiful soft sheen fsc accredited board