Coir Brick 650g x 2


Compressed Soil for Gardening | Each Brick Makes 8-9 Litres of Peat Free Compost | Just Add Water | For Seeds, Cuttings, Indoor and Outdoor Pot Plants and Hydroponic Growing


2 x Coir Bricks

Single weight 650g. Pack weight 1.3Kg. Material is natural coco coir. Compressed soil for gardening. Makes 8-9 litres of peat free compost. For seeds, cuttings, indoor and outdoor pot plants and hydroponic growing.

Just add water to create the perfect growing media.

Easy – Clean – Convenient

Hooray for Coconuts!

Created from renewable and natural materials, our coco fibre bricks are made from waste coconut husk fibres that are a by-product of the coconut plant food industry. There is no damage to the environment unlike with peat moss compost. Coco substrate has a high water holding capacity, a neutral pH, high Cation Exchange Capacity, and is free from pests, diseases and weed seeds. The coco fibre is odourless, pleasant to handle and uniform in composition.