GROWEASY 100 x 27mm Peat Starter Pellets



100 x 27mm peat starter pellets. These peat soil pellets are wrapped in biodegradable FSC paper to keep the growing media contained in its own little pot! They are super easy to use – just pop them into a watertight container, add water and watch them swell up! You can use jiffy pellets for seeds and cuttings.

For big seeds such as peas, put a single seed in each pellet. For smaller seeds such as lobelia then use a small pinch. For cuttings, use a pencil or dibber to make a small hole in the top of the pellet and insert your cutting. Use indoor and outdoors

The peat pellets are ideal for use in gardening indoor and out to get your seeds and plants growing healthy. Just soak as many of the soil pellets required then when they have swollen up and grown, pop a seed or cutting in each one. Keep lightly watered and watch them thrive! They are best suited for use in seed sowing and striking cuttings. Plus they are delivered direct to your door in handy to store re-usable packaging.

SO EASY! Our peat substrate plugs are the ultimate in convenience for the gardener as the amount of materials and accessories required is minimal. They are very clean to use with no spillage of soil and they are super quick compared to spending time filling pots with loose compost. The seed pellets are very lightweight so no more backbreaking trips to buy large bags of traditional compost, or have pots pilled up lying around. Hooray for Soil!

Created from the highest quality natural materials, our fibre pellets are made from white peat. This is a fantastic airy rooting medium which plants love. It has excellent air/water management, is easy to re-wet with good draining ability. The plugs are wrapped in unique FSC certified paper, keeping everything compact and will biodegrade into soil.